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High-Tech Maintenance Reducing Equipment
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How it Works:
The Premo Plus® unit can be easily installed on virtually any diesel or gas engine as a by-pass filtration system, not affecting the normal engine full flow oil system. Oil enters the inlet part at the side, under the normal operating pressure. It is then channeled down through the spin-on 3 micron filter where dirt and wear metal particles are trapped. Free of dirt and wear metals, the oil then flows up through a metering jet that allows 4 to 5 gallons of oil per hour into the evaporating chamber where it flows over an electrically heated surface in a fine thin film. Dirt free oil is heated to 195F degrees and the fuel dilution and water contaminants are evaporated and discharged through the upper vent tube. Clean and re-refined oil returns to the engine by gravity. The repetition of this cycle, as your engine is running, guarantees a clean engine at all times and insures longer life and reduced maintenance costs. To put it simply, your engine is running on clean oil…..every day, every mile.
Premo-Plus® filters are constructed with synthetic fibers. This means 98.7% of particles 3 microns and larger are removed on each pass through the filter. Typical paper lube filters allow harmful 30-40 micron particles to pass unfiltered through the engine, creating wear. Using Premo-Plus® filters is like changing your oil every 2 to 4 hours.
By pass, oil filtration system
  • Keeps oil clean at all times
  • Removes oil contaminants
  • Extends engine life
  • Reduces oil changes
  • Reduces oil disposal costs
  • Increases your bottom line
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