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The AFEX Fire Suppression System

An AFEX fire suppression system is a pre‐engineered fire protection solution for equipment fires on mobile heavy equipment. Once installed, an AFEX system becomes a permanent part of your machine and, with proper maintenance, can last your vehicle’s entire service life.
We offer dry chemical, liquid agent, and dual agent systems that are designed to limit damage to your machine in the event of a fire, reducing your downtime and increasing your productivity. The systems may be activated manually or automatically and are available in various configurations to accommodate any piece of equipment, large or small, from hydraulic mining shovels all the way down to skid steer loaders.

*Circuit Monitor Panel ensures system readiness.
*Control Unit provides advanced visibility and connectivity.
*Rugged design for durability in the harshest of environments.
*Automatic detection and actuation for rapid fire knockdown.
*Spot thermal, linear, or infrared detection options.
*Side-cartridge technology for reliability and ease of service.
*Stainless steel distribution for durability andreduced                      maintenance costs.
*Integrated hinged nozzle cap for increased performance and           reduced maintenance costs.
*Effective fire suppression agents.
*Telematics connectivity.
*Third-party tested and approved.

Vehicle Electronic Systems Are Getting More Complicated Each Day. Is Your Fire Suppression System Keeping Up?
Our Control Unit combines
micro-processor technology
with AFEX durability for the
ultimate fire suppression
system control and performance.
To ensure your machine is
protected in the event of a fire,
audible and visual signals alert
the operator to any problem or
alarm conditions. These alerts
are also stored on the Control
Unit’s internal log for
troubleshooting and are
displayed on the LCD display,
which can be programmed to your local language. The Control Unit is also compatible with telematics, and its internal battery powers the unit for up to 6 months.
Chances are your new vehicle is equipped with an advanced vehicle or fleet management system. Wouldn’t it be nice if that same system could provide you with increased fire suppression system functionality? With the AFEX Control Unit, it can. The AFEX  Control Unit offers multiple flexible input and output connections for integrating your AFEX  fire suppression system with your vehicle telematics system. This enhanced connectivity can allow you to check the system status remotely, alert your service provider in the event of a system discharge, or even allow you to discharge the system via remote control. Want to know what the AFEX Control Unit can do for your operations? Give us a call today!
On-site Inspections of AFEX Systems available!